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Things we wish you knew before euthanising your pet.

It is okay to Cry

When you cry over your beloved pet, it is okay. We have nothing but respect and sympathy for you and we share in your sadness.

Be with, if you can.

We understand that it is hard for you, but it might be even harder for your pet. They don't know what we are doing or why - they just know that you are there - and that it is okay.

Keep their collar on.

 Our pets are smarter then we think. They pick up on the smallest of things, and the unknown can be very scary to your pet. 

Make it a celebration.

Make it a good day, bring treats, their favorite toys, blanket and bed. Recall all the funny and wonderful moments, laugh and cry at the same time. Surround them with the people and things they love and make sure they have the best day ever. Celebrate the life they spent with you. 


Be Prepared.

Be prepared for the process, ask the vet as many questions as you need to feel comfortable as you can be with the process. Know what will be happening and what the consequences are. Then focus on your pet.